Wrong Number
This was a real shitty thing to do, man.

Mitt Romney Quotes Paired with Lucille Bluth
I wonder how much money Mitt Romney is holding in Swiss banana stands.

St. Patty’s Day, same color going in as it is out

Special mix made for st. patty’s made any puke turn bright green.

Spring Break Beach Fun [click for more]
Wait until they found out he’s not Rich, the Abercrombie model he told them he was.
emma reubie and annina and then some stragler trying to join

Snow Day Celebrations [click to see more]
Take that, paper on Global Warming.

Everything you need for a perfect date night!
How did they fit a sheet cake and a gallon of scotch in here?
And why do I need two movie tickets? I don’t want to see two movies.
I want to get home to the sheet cake.

the city<3